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GitHub code repository

I always like it when people provide clean implementations of their work which can be dropped easily into a project without much programmer effort.  Stefan Gustavson and Ian McEwan have done this at webgl-noise so I’ve decided to take their … Continue reading

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A fast and simple 32bit floating point hash function

In a previous post I reviewed two existing floating point hash functions which are suitable for use in fragment shaders.  These were the BlumBlumShub and Permutation Polynomial hash functions used in MNoise and WebGLNoise.  If curious, here is a link … Continue reading

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Useful Interpolation Functions for Noise Development

Interpolation functions allow us to calculate a transition between discreet points.  They are used in noise development.   Here are some common types. Smooth interpolation of a linear input from 0.0 to 1.0 This is a very common interpolation function.  It … Continue reading

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GPU Texture-Free Noise

Hash functions vs texture-based permutation tables I’ve started working on a GPU procedural content editor and renderer.  A core component of this is a collection of GPU noise functions ( eg, Perlin, Cellular, Lattice etc… ).  I’ve taken interest in … Continue reading

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Dev blogs are cooler than twitter

I’ve always liked developer blogs.  They provide a great repository and sharing facility for those small-but-often-very-useful code gems that arise from daily work. After 10 years of coding I thought it was finally time I started a developer blog of my … Continue reading

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